Day 17 – Nagoya Festival

Today we went to the Nagoya Science Museum. It hold one of the world bigger planetarium! Also it has many different types of experiment that relates to science, such as Tesla, Light and many more. It only cost 500 yen for High School/University Student, so I think its pretty worth it!


Next we head towards the street to see the parade! It lasted for around 1 hour. There were many people wearing traditional clothing. The parade is about the procession of the Three Heroes of Nagoya: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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Tomorrow we are heading to a school festival! We are heading to Nagoya University Of Foreign Studies.


Day 16 – Developemt Day and Japanese Class

Today not much to report on as it is the standard working cycle.

  • 0730 – Wake Up
  • 0745 – Breakfast
  • 0830 – Headout
  • 0915 – Start Project Work
  • 1230 – Lunch
  • 1315 – Back to Work
  • 1800 – End Work
  • 1900-2000 – Dinner
  • 2100 – Shower
  • 0030 – Sleep

Regular Schedule for weekdays! Tomorrow is Nagoya festival! We going to see the parade and a lot of attraction are free to visit! Stay tuned!


Today is a crazy day! After school, we decided to head to give since the school was half day. We took the JR line there from Nagoya station toward Gifu station, it took around 15 – 20 mins to reach there depending on what train you take. There are normal, limited express and new express. Normal drops at every stop where express skip stops. Somehow for this journey to Gifu. Both express train only takes 2 stops, the cost is 420 yen. Ouch…

When we reach Gifu, first we have to rent a locker to put our laptops. Luckily in Japan, almost every train station has lockers. After that, we went to rent a bike. It only cost 100 yen for the whole day (till 1850). This bike renting/sharing system is initialed by Gifu to promote traveling with bikes as Gifu has no subway. (Base on my knowledge) This also marks the first time I rode a bike in Japan!


After that, we cycled for 20-30min to Gifu Park, the base of the Mount Kinkazan where lias Gifu Castle on its peak. We decide to take the cable car up, worried that if we hike up we will miss the Castle and the squirrel village as they close at 1630.

They Squeeze you into a cable car.

First, we enter the squirrel village, it only cost 200 yen to see all the fluffy small creatures running about. The staff will give you feed for the squirrels and they will swarm you. They even will climb on your hand just to eat, one of them even climb on my body and accidentally scratch me on my neck DX. I highly recommend coming to visiting this place, cheap and fun!

Then we went into the main attraction, Gifu Castle. To get to Gifu Castle we still have to walk up steep and unstable rocky stairs for the cable car exit. To enter Gifu Castle, you have to pay 200 yen but it is well worth it! The view is spectacular! You have to see it for yourself to understand how great the view it is. I have recorded it on my GoPro but I can still say, seeing it live yourself is 10 times different in the video. To add on Gifu Castle also showcase historic objects and figures. Such as Oda Nobunaga, Weapons and Armor for the past.

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After that, we have this crazy idea to descend Mount Kinkazan! There are 4 routes up and down. We took the 2km route and it took us around 50min to descent. The route is steep and very unstable. One wrong step you could slip and injured yourself but the descent was worth it. Nature and the view you get you to see was awesome. While descent we see this granny coming up. OMG no wonder Japanese lives long.

Group photo before descend
NICE VIEW at 1800m

After that, we decide to head back as it was getting late! We also stop by at the riverbank for the awesome sunset and view. So far, I highly recommend heading to Gifu for the awesome experience you can get for going to just one location but do head there early if you want to slowly roam about. We went there around 2pm which is pretty late. That’s all for today! Back to work tomorrow, today adventure are fun! MORE TO COME!

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Development day once again! Today we managed to merge our system with the Japanese system. Interesting the management way or technique they are using for source tree is the git-flow. So I have to rewrite some stuff to be able to correctly link us up, that took a bit time.


After that, I move on to working the environment stuff? Effects, Interaction Objects, Break Objects and so on. Here a particle effect for the fire slime/trial that I been working on.




Tomorrow is HALF DAY! We are heading to Gifu Castle, it going be a crazy day. We going to bike the park (35min?). Hike the mountain (40min). Explore the Castle and FEED SOME Squirrel!

Day 13 – Boing Boing Slimes

Development day once again. We have our slime model! (Without texture yet). They look like small m&m chocolate running about. We have around a week left to complete a prototype for the game test.

LUNCH TODAY IS BACK TO THAT AWESOME SUKIYAKI STORE! And dorm food is getting worse or is it we are getting used the taste of Japanese food? Hmmmm…..

PS forgotten to take pictures……


Day 12 – Back To Work

Not much to update today! I am about to be done with my state machine for my Slime monster/unit. It now can wander about and run away from the player! We did try to merge but for some reason, there are some problems. We need to waiting for the lead programmer to come back as he is sick today.

Today we decide to drop one station before our usual stop to our dorm. We decide to walk back and see what along the way. While on the way we did find a small cozy shop, selling unique melon-pan (melon bread). I brought the chocolate banana one, it was interesting but I am not really a fan of it.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS not much today.

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Day 11 – DORM BBQ

Today is a more unique day, we are having a dorm bbq session. It cost only 500 yen and its held at the¬†Shonai Ryokuchi Park. A total of 6 dorms came together for this session. I estimated around 50+ people turn up. I met new friends! Interesting the BBQ session have not only Japanese but people from the USA, China and so. It kinda sad that I couldn’t speak Japanese well but there are ways to communicate!


Group Photo


We ended the day with a game of BINGO. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but it was a unique and interesting experience. The grand prize was Disneyland tickets and there were like 20 prizes to giveaway! One of the funniest prizes is 30 bottles of 500ml water LOL.

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Back to project work tomorrow! We have around 9 more days to the first prototype showcase! Hope everything goes well!