Day 7 – Task Allocated

With most of the stuff discussed! We finally allocated the task to everyone. It was a challenge to communicate due to the language differences. To prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding. We spend tons of time discussing and making sure everyone on the same page. Normally, communicating through the same language will probably take less then a min but when both parties can’t speak a common language that timing multiply. We that out of the way, finally we can start on coding! We have around 2 weeks to create a prototype for the next tea session.


My Working Area!


Did I say tea session? Yeah! I didn’t know what is it about until today. It was displayed on our schedule. So the tea session, It like some sort of chit-chat and to update on the progress of each group to the teachers. There were snacks lying around for us to eat! The Finland student also brought their local snack called “Salmiak”. It tastes salty and has a texture of a nut and it has a unique after taste that most of us don’t really appreciate it. Personally, I love it!


Tea Time Chit-Chat


Too end it off! Have some food porn.

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