Day 10 – Atsuta Shrine, Random Sport Event, Cat Cafe & Arcade!

It Saturday and we decided to go to the Atsuta Shrine! So it located 30min away from our dorm at Jingunishi station. The place is HUGE, massing around 5 shrines at the area with the main shrine. We manage to witness a traditional Japan wedding and get to try their known Kishimen at the Miya Kishimen Jingu shop.

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After that, we decide to roam about the area. We found this park with an event going on, serving free food and drinks! They were having some sort of sports event between 4 teams. IT WAS MADNESS, everyone is so actively participating in the event.

After that, we decide to head to Sakae to get some stuff. While we were there, we decide to drop by at a nearby cat cafe. It was like 200 yen for 10 min and you have to buy an all you can drink for 350 yen. It was an interesting experience, we probably visit an owl cafe next!

We decide to drop by at the arcade to play some pachinko & medal game. We don’t get why is pachinko so popular in Japan but the medal game. Holy shit, it was so crazy. The sound the coins dropping have never felt so exciting before. Also with the minigames involve and I also almost won a jackpot. It was a fun experience.

Tomorrow is BBQ with the dorm people! Hope to meet new friends!


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