Day 2 – Welcome Party and Meeting the Group

Firstly Food Report. Breakfast was FISH! It was between pork katsu or saba fish, the answer was simple, Fish. Probably the best breakfast for this trip for now.


Dinner was a little disappointing but it was not bad. Some sort of Hayashi rice? It was like 80% vegetables than meat………


Today is also the orientation for student form NYP (Singapore) and Kajaanin (Finland). They toured us around the building and showed us our working area.

We were split into 2 groups: A and B. I was in Group A, our team is made up of 3 Singapore, 3 Japanese and 2 Finland students. Surprisingly, there is no artist in the Japanese student group. We are a team of 5 Programmers, 2 Artist and 1 Game Designer (who is title as a programmer lol). After that, we brainstorm for game ideas that we want to create.

Lastly, it was a welcome party, they prepare some local snacks and some drinks for us! Even shown us how they normally start a party with a kanpai (Cheers) and end with a itchō-jime (Single Clap).

20181005_172920A game of Mario Cart on Switch during the party.

It was pretty interesting to see the culture of a Japanese party. Next up is Nagoya Castle and Osu Kannon Temple!




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