Day 3 – Nagoya Castle & Osu Kannon Temple

Today we decide to visit the symbol of Nagoya, Nagoya Castle. Located around 35min away from our dorm location. It was a great sight to behold on, sadly it was a rainy day and the performance was cancelled. They have people who kinda cosplay/roleplay as samurai and ninja around the castle. It was interesting to see how they are so into the character. Also, the Castle main keep itself is getting a renovation until 2022, therefore it is closed for public entry.

20181006_121734                          Nagoya Castle

20181006_112558                    Program of the Day

With the performance cancelled we decide to head to Osu Kannon. Where lies the Temple and the Osu Shopping Arcade. The temple was great, we decide to offer some yen as a prayer for our safety in Japan for this 2 months.

20181006_142040Osu Kannon Temple

The craziest place is the Osu Shopping Arcade. The place is pack with stores selling a huge variety of goods. Ranging from clothes, electronics and many more. We came across a unique store with an entrance that is probably around 90 cm high.


Alice on Wednesday 90cm Door Entrance

Food porn section incoming in following order breakfast -> dinner. I like to state that the McPork was interesting and sadly MacDonald in Japan is not halal. So Muslim friends do take note!


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