Day 8 – Half Day?

I swear I got to the point I have no idea what to write during school days. It always the same cycle, Breakfast -> Project Work In Morning -> Lunch -> Project Work till of school.

Today I guess it was supposed to be half day? We are allowed to leave like right after lunch but we decide to stay at finish our task at hand. Noting much for today but we found an interesting store and it made me buy something. Japan has many interesting concepts, this store at Osu Kannon, it is a store that clothes price are determined by the weight of the object. I decide to buy pants that weight 420g which cost 420 yen, THAT IS A STEAL! In future, I probably drop by if I am near the location to see there any good steals to get!

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Lunch was Saizeya again but this time with their lunch promo! IT ONLY COST 500 YEN? TAKE MY MONEY! Dinner was a surprising tuna bowl? I was shocked to see my dorm serve this for dinner. Is tuna on sale?

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I hope tomorrow will be great! Since we will be having Japanese Lesson and a Company Talk/Sharing! Looking forward to it!


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