Day 9 – First Company Talk and Japanese Lesson

So it seems for this next few weeks, we will be having Japanese classes with the luggage teacher and company talks every Friday. Of course, the company talks are all in Japanese, and they speak so fast that it is hard for me to even understand but it is a good experience. Today the company that was giving the talk was DELIGHT WORK INC. The creators of Fate Grand Order! Very interesting to see that the company was talking about the game industry in Japan and comparing it to the outside world. Also showing the growth of new genes that are growing now.

Free Gift during the talk

The Japanese class was interesting as well. They share about the social norms that Japanese have and our teacher gave us tips when coming to communicating with them. I can see it being very helpful and I probably try during the next session with my Japanese group mates.

Today ends up quite short time for project work but I manage to get the state pattern machine working for my Slime. Now for more improvements. Tomorrow we are visiting Atsuta Shrine (熱田神宮) to see one of the Japanese most important shrines.

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