Day 4 – Free and Easy Day!

No plans today! Since I only brought 7 days worth of clothing. I have to do some laundry, the control panel is in Japanese but there are some Chinese characters and symbols. So we roughly guess what button does what.

After setting some admin, I and my friend decide to go out since we still have the whole afternoon/evening. We decided to head back to Osu Kannon Shopping Street again to explore the places that we couldn’t explore yesterday. We also decide to walk toward Sakae which is around 15min walk from Osu Kannon Station.

To me, Sakae looks like orchard road in Singapore. Many brand oversea brand stores are around the area. They even lock down an entire street for shoppers to roam about. We saw some landmarks of the city such as the Nagoya TV Tower, Sunshine Sakae and Doki Building!


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Also while on our way there, we saw this small event in an area. There is much small food street stall set up around the area. At the centre of the attendance is a truck that can be converted into a stage. We saw local idols performing and huge fans (locals age 30>) supporting them. Crazy atmosphere!


After that, we decide to have dinner at Saizeriya. Since the dorm does not serve breakfast and dinner during Sunday and public holidays. Saizeriya was great as usual! Singapore also has Saizeriya but both countries have a different menu.

With that, we explore around Sakae City to look for souvenirs for our friends back home. When is getting late, we head back to get ready for school tomorrow! Tomorrow will be the first time we going work together with the other oversea student and the Japanese student. Hope everything goes well!


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