Day 5 – First Meeting! Game Idea Settled!

Today is the first day of work/school! We settled down at our workstation (Forgot to take a picture) and begin brainstorming. After like 6 hours, We finally decide on the game idea, and we are going pitch it to the student and teachers of trident university tomorrow!

One of the Ideas

Today is a public holiday in Japan named Health and Sports Day.  Therefore, the dorm canteen is having a break. With that in mind, we have handled our breakfast, lunch and dinner ourselves.

For lunch we decide to have coco Ichiban curry right next to our school with the Finland student are also in the exchange program. Personally, I couldn’t take spicy food, so I decide to order mild. My friend a bit out of their mind they ordered level 10 spicy which made the curry taste like dinner a spoon full of chilis.

Dinner we went to Yamachan to try their popular fried chicken wings that were recommended by the English language teacher in Trident.

Closing off for today! Still, have to work on the powerpoint for the game pitch in like 10 hrs! A lot of potential in this idea, and I hope it comes out well!


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