Day 1 – Arrival In Nagoya

At 9:30am, We arrived in Nagoya, Chubu Centrair International Airport. Going through customs was interesting, I believe it due to the fact that we are staying for around 59 days in Nagoya. The Customs officer kept asking questions regarding on where we will be staying and what school are will be studying.

After getting out of custom, we met with Nakamura-san and Aoi-san who kindly came over to fetch us to Trident Universty. I was expecting to take a train ride to the city but both of them have driven over to the airport to pick us up.

Both of them are very kind and helpful. Nakamura-san even treat us all a meal at Ichiran! While saying that he is rich, which I believe he can claim one HAHA.


After that, we follow Aoi-san to get out commuter pass and Nakamura-san drove our luggage to the dorms (OMG). The pass is actually worth it compare to the usual price, but to apply it requires a strong knowledge of Japanese. Thankful to have Aoi-san there, all else

  • Actual Price Without Pass (Round About)
    • ¥480 * 25 Days = ¥12000
  • Commuter Pass (1 Month)
    •  ¥10280 ~VALUE~


After that, we head to the dorm to settle some rule and admin stuff. We have an Indian student, Gowtham. Who help us translate and go through stuff in english. Dinner was curry rice today, it was freeflow eat how much you want as long you don’t waste it.


Lastly, we decided to head out to get some stuff that we forgot to bring but then we realize that the stores close at 8pm. So we got ourselves some dry provisions in case that the typhoon hit us.

Today a pretty rough day, but we are still settling down. Tomorrow is an orientation for the foreign student. I guess we will meet with the Finland student as well. Excited to see what will happen tomorrow!


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