Day 38-39 Nabana no Sato

Its the weekends today and we decide to head to Nabana no Sato, which is also near to Nagashima Spaland (A Themepark). This place is unique in its own way. You have to come to this place in the day and stay till the night where I believe is the main attraction to this place.

In the day, this place known for its flowers. Different season you get to see different type of flowers being grown and taken care of. It’s not your average garden where you only see a few flowers but this place you are surrounded by flowers. Many different breeds and colors.

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At night, this place goes into SUPERNOVA. I mean the whole garden becomes a light show. All the fairy lights that are installed around the entire area/garden lights ups and it’s a stunning sight. The picture I will be posting does not give justice to this location. You have to come to this place yourself. Totally worth the sight!

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Lastly, do note that the lighting for this place only happens on a certain season/date. To avoid disappointment please check their website on the dates when the lighting is available!

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