Day 24 – 25 Dance Workshop and Rest Day!

Hey hey! Finally, after 21 days in Japan, I decided to go for a dance workshop at Mizuho City, Gifu. The workshop starts at night, so I have the whole afternoon to go somewhere. I decide to drop by Sunomata Castle. This place is not really as big or marvelous as Gifu Castle and Nagoya Castle but it is the history that makes this place shire. In history, the castle was finished so quickly that it gave the impression that it was done overnight. The purpose is just a fake border fort than a full sized castle and was intended to intimidate, surprise and demoralize the enemy.


Sunomata Castle


The workshop is located in some unusual place in the middle of a town. I actually private message one of the dance instructors before coming, and she actually offers to pick me up at the station as the studio is around 5-10 min walk from there. So I assume that she going to pick me up then walk there but no. To my surprise, she actually asks her dad to drive us to the studio. WHAT! It was a pretty usual meeting. I was very impressed with the hostility that Japanese people give from this day onwards.

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