Day 53 – Trident School Festival

Finally, the Day is here, we woke up early to head down to the festival to avoid any disappointment. A few of the highlights were a live mochi pounding/making, cosplay competition, performances and THE BINGO which is the most hype event I believe.

There were also many food stand and game stands. All price within 100-300 yen not too expensive in my opinion. We went up to the 5th level where our games are being showcased at. Other then our games, there were many another year 3 student projects being a showcase as well. Glad to see that members of the public enjoyed playing our games when we were there.

The last activity for the school festival was the bingo game. The prize varies across items like KIT KAT till the grand price A SWITCH. I was pretty unlucky and won nothing but the experience was fun and I am looking forward to bring this activity back to Singapore in a week time.

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Day 32 – Osaka (Lock City Final)

Today is one of my craziest plans. To travel to Osaka by train for an event in Osaka called Lock City Final. I left as early as 7am to catch the train towards Osaka. The trip from Nagoya to Osaka is around 3 hour and 30mintures. I brought myself a Kintetsu Pass that cost 3.8K yen. Which allows me to take unlimited train rides that are owned by Kintetsu with an exception of the limited express train. Those train you have to buy a seat and the price range different base on the distance and the train your taking.

Before Lock City, I decide to see Osaka castle and Dōtonbori. Two of Osaka most popular spot and I can see why it is so popular with locals and tourist after being here myself. Of course, when coming to Osaka, it a die must try their takoyaki and it is the best takoyaki I have ever eaten! HANDS DOWN!

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Lock City was crazy with a total of 16 cities involved each having their own judge and champion from that city. I went down to meet with the Singapore group and also to support the Singapore champion! The place was as small as a classroom but there like around 150 people or more in the location. The finals were between 2 Japanese and they are really good.


I decide to paid extra 1.9k yen for the limited express train to travel back cause I am super tired. The seat spacing is great and I don’t even need to change train in between the stops unlike the none limited express ones. I guess you have the pay for the convenience and time!



Day 24 – 25 Dance Workshop and Rest Day!

Hey hey! Finally, after 21 days in Japan, I decided to go for a dance workshop at Mizuho City, Gifu. The workshop starts at night, so I have the whole afternoon to go somewhere. I decide to drop by Sunomata Castle. This place is not really as big or marvelous as Gifu Castle and Nagoya Castle but it is the history that makes this place shire. In history, the castle was finished so quickly that it gave the impression that it was done overnight. The purpose is just a fake border fort than a full sized castle and was intended to intimidate, surprise and demoralize the enemy.


Sunomata Castle


The workshop is located in some unusual place in the middle of a town. I actually private message one of the dance instructors before coming, and she actually offers to pick me up at the station as the studio is around 5-10 min walk from there. So I assume that she going to pick me up then walk there but no. To my surprise, she actually asks her dad to drive us to the studio. WHAT! It was a pretty usual meeting. I was very impressed with the hostility that Japanese people give from this day onwards.

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