Day 48-52 Preparing For School Festival Showcase

On the 24 November, 2018 is the Trident School Festival. During this school festival the Year 1 and 2 will prepare for the festival as the organizing community, booth stands, game stands and performances. For year 3, they will be showcasing the game project that they have been working on for the past 3-6 months.

For my case which we are working with 4 of the year 3 students. We have been working on our game for around 1 month 3 weeks. Therefore, we have been working hard to push an test play scene for our current progress. As the state on the previous blog post, we are technically done with the game. Just adding more improvements and so. With the final boss and level adjustment almost done. We look forward to the school festival as it will be man by the Japanese student. Hope to hear good feedbacks from the general public!


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