Day 46 -47 KYOTO!!!!!

Today the Japanese student brought us to Kyoto! We took a bus that cost around 2700 yen toward Kyoto! It’s around 2 Hours and 30min ride! Something interesting about Japanese long-distance buses are they provide free power sockets and WIFI. The wifi is great, I can load youtube videos at 720p without lagging. I have never experience disconnection either.

Upon arrival at Kyoto, we decide to head to a place to try out Kimono. My friends decide to try them for the experience but I have tried wearing them before, so I decided to pass. It cost around 2k to 6k yen to try for the whole day. Prices varies base on the quality of the kimono and the service you asked.

There are many places to visited in Kyoto but due to time restrictions we decide to visit one of the most iconic places. Fushimi Inari Taisha known for it thousand gate (tori) and Inari is the God of Rice.

We decide to climb to the summit of Mt.Inari where the final desition will be a shrine. It a pretty long climb and descend. Total time around 1-2hours depending on your speed. While accending you will see multiple gates (tori) and each of them cost around 400k to 1millon yen to construct. Around 3/4 upĀ  you will see the Yotsutsuji intersection where it provides an awesome view of Kyoto which made the climb super worth it!

Lastly, if you want to take good solo photos. I suggest coming either very early in the morning or you have to climb up the Mt.Inari. The base of the shrine is filled with tons of tourist and it will be hard to take pictures or experience the place in peace.