Day 31 – Inuyama Castle

Today is the day where the school planned a trip for us! As the title stated, it is Inuyama Castle! So what makes this castle so special compared to the others that I went? This is one of the only few castles that is not reconstructed therefore all the internal structure is still the same. The stair is so tall that you to do a 90 degree up to climb it.


Stairs Height

You are allowed to climb all the way up to the top. Around 6 levels and you will reach the top where the view is awesome. Careful as that the railing is super short and it possible to fall over.

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Next, they reserve a pottery session for us to experience from a pottery master. This man has been doing pottery for over 50 years. He can make over 200 rice bowl in a day when we are struggling to do even one. It was a great experience, it felt very calming and relaxing. We are allowed to bring one back! Can’t wait to see the finished product like the one we did is just the 3rd step which is the molding. We should see the final product in two 2 weeks time can’t wait!

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Day 26 – 30 Alpha Develpoment

Will be today weekly report for weekdays for now! Not much interesting thing to report for this week.

Project wise we have entered the alpha stage and proceeding with implementing more core mechanics and features with the feedbacks in mind. The game is coming together as time flys but we still doing trial and error on the game balancing and making sure the game is fun.

This week the Japanese student brought us to a Japanese KTV. Totally different from Singapore KTV. The equipment and the interface on the karaoke is god tier. Highly recommend people to try KTV when you visit Japan. Also, it is super cheap compared to Singapore.


Day 24 – 25 Dance Workshop and Rest Day!

Hey hey! Finally, after 21 days in Japan, I decided to go for a dance workshop at Mizuho City, Gifu. The workshop starts at night, so I have the whole afternoon to go somewhere. I decide to drop by Sunomata Castle. This place is not really as big or marvelous as Gifu Castle and Nagoya Castle but it is the history that makes this place shire. In history, the castle was finished so quickly that it gave the impression that it was done overnight. The purpose is just a fake border fort than a full sized castle and was intended to intimidate, surprise and demoralize the enemy.


Sunomata Castle


The workshop is located in some unusual place in the middle of a town. I actually private message one of the dance instructors before coming, and she actually offers to pick me up at the station as the studio is around 5-10 min walk from there. So I assume that she going to pick me up then walk there but no. To my surprise, she actually asks her dad to drive us to the studio. WHAT! It was a pretty usual meeting. I was very impressed with the hostility that Japanese people give from this day onwards.

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Day 21-23 Regular Development Day

Decide to write 3 days at one shot for this post due to the fact that it really a constant cycle of development, not really anything interesting to report on.

Today we have people from ZeniMax, Japan Branch Tango Gameworks that came to give a talk. As usual, it’s in Japanese, but one of the members can speak English! After the talk, one of the teachers told us they will be bringing them to our work area to see our game. We don’t really have much to show as the game was still in the development and it’s only a 20 days work but we do appreciate the advice and comment that these veterans in the game industry have given us. Sadly I didn’t ask for their names but they are pretty cool.

Tomorrow finally I will be going to Gifu to attend a dance workshop! I haven’t been dancing for 3 weeks now. A long break i have taken and it really great to be back at it.

Day 20 – A-Team Company Visit

So today we visited A-team the company who made valkyrie connect and many other games. It was pretty interesting to see that more and more company are adapting to the free workstyle. With many open spaces rather than the tight spaces.


Katsudon for lunch


They gave us a tour around their main headquarters which is in Nagoya on the 30-32 floor! The office really reminds me off Google Office in Singapore as well but they do have tons of meeting rooms and spaces. Majorly of their walls around the office are whiteboard or glass that can be written on with markers.

Sadly, I couldn’t post any picture regarding the office online so I only can post this guy! Their official mascot I guess?


A-team Mascot?



Development day once again, today we finally merge and have our first prototype ready. We have not set up for testing yet but that is what we going to do the next day. Today lunch we decide to have something different from our usuals. We decide to have INDIA FOOD! We brought the lunch menu and it didn’t wow us HAHAHA, it almost taste the same as Singapore if not Singapore curry is a lot better. We did let our Finland friends try out some Indian food which is uncommon in their county. I guess we should stick back to Japanese food for tomorrow! AHAHHAA

Day 18 – Nagoya Universty Of Foreign Studies Festival

Today went to NUFS (Nagoya Universty Of Foreign Studies) for the annual school festival! There were many food stalls, performances, and game stalls. All of them are run by students! They also don’t cost that much, around 100 – 500 yen is the price is seen.

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I personally know about this due to meeting a friend from the BBQ last time! She was performing today and glad that I went down to watch. The dance performs lasted 1hr and they actually showcase many dance genre. It was crazy and lit! Sadly we miss out on the games part, we couldn’t find them until we read the information booklet that was given to us till we reach back at our dorm DX

Tomorrow back to work! We have to finish up the prototype for the playtest this Wednesday! TIME TO RUSH!